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The Royal treatment
Royal Bank of Canada chairman received a $1 million bonus in 1999 in the beginning of a cost cutting drive that could chop up to 6,000 jobs from Canada's largest institution. Altogether he was paid  $6.7 million last year!

Will Spend for work
Nova Scotia's will pay as much as$3 million to train employee for the Bank of N.S. The bank, which posted a $1.6 billion profit in 1999 need to train new employees.

Worker's (over) Compensation
David Williams, executive officer of Workplace Safety & Insurance Board,  from Toronto is/was the highest paid public servant in Ontario...$772,400, while you have injured workers whose compensation is capped!

Gross Injustice:
Toronto- A young man was killed at his work and the company was cited for safety violations, fined $110,000. The money went to the Ontario government because the young man had worked less than 3 months. The family got one half of the funeral paid...that's it.

A fowl business:
Vars, Ont. Walter Henn, a farm owner and Tourist Resort, bought geese so tourist could see the large Canadian birds. He had to get a permit and asked for an annual report on the birds. Last year when the report was not done, a federal wildlife officer   arrived, looked at the birds and handed a $580 ticket. He was being charged with possession of migratory birds without a permit and the birds were being detained on his property. He had to go to court

Finding a way:
Mr. Jeffries broke his foot while walking, in a Surrey, B.C. beach. He needed an operation and was the operating table and was told there was a problem. "You have no coverage. We're not going to work for free", he was told. He fell behind in his provincial Medical Plan premiums ($72). He was wheeled out of OR and asked if he had a bank or credit card to pay. He was also told he had to find a way to pay or he would be hobbled without the surgery. His mother had to pay $72 for him to have surgery.

Getting the Shaft:
A security guard who was stabbed by a robber, also was shafted by Alberta's Compensation Board. When he applied, the board rejected him..."You removed yourself from the course of employment when you left your vehicle".

Holding the bag:If you buy a business in the city of Montreal, you could get stuck holding the bag for a previous owner's unpaid business tax bill. A bailiff and a city employee came to a store with a court order and said..."pay, or we seize your store". "They treated me like a criminal". It may be unfair, but it's legal.


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